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Tibia Fracture Brace Proximal Support

Tibia Fracture Brace Proximal Support

Clinically designed for treating tibial shaft fractures. Fitting instructions detailing TFB-PS fitting and hygiene are included with each TFB-PS to help insure patient compliance. Foot component is sold separately.
Suggested L-Code: L2114


Nonoperative treatment of closed tibial shaft fractures
Postoperative treatment of open tibial shaft fractures
Protection of tibial defects
After removal of internal or external fixation
Post biopsy
Defects resulting from tumor growth
Adjunct to internal fixation such as unreamed intermedullary nails

Mid Calf
TFB-PS-100 Small 11 - 13 15
TFB-PS-200 Medium 14 - 16 16 - 17
TFB-PS-200-E Med. Extended 14 - 16 18 - 19
TFB-PS-300 Large 16 - 18 17 - 18
TFB-PS-300-E Large Extended 16 - 18 19 - 21

Additional Items

Item Number Description
STRAP-22 Hook & Loop strap-all sizes
STRAP-TFBE Double sided loop
STOCKINETT-PTB3 Stockinette-Sm
STOCKINETT-PTB4 Stockinette-Md/Lg