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Heel Pain Rehab System

Heel Pain Rehab System

The Heel Pain Rehab System is a complete non-surgical approach that provides physicians with a simple treatment plan for alleviating heel pain with their patients. The system includes a night splint, stretching wedge, set of heel cups, instructional video, detailed manual with exercises and log sheet. The physician sends the system home with the patient, who monitors daily progress with the log sheet and reports back to the physician. The length of treatment time is determined by the physician. Developed by an Orthopedic surgeon, previously a president of the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle society, this system has been in use for several years with proven success.
Suggested L-Code: L4396


  • Wedge: Used for stretching the heel cord and plantar fascia.
  • Manual: Provides a recommended examination and treatment plan for the physician. Explains the anatomy and symptoms of heel pain. Includes exercises and a log sheet for the patient.
  • Night Splint: Used while the patient sleeps to keep the Achilles' tendon & plantar fascia from contracting over the night.
  • Heel Cups: Alleviate heel pain when walking.
  • Video: Explains the causes of heel problems and the prescribed treatment.

Shoe Size
Shoe Size
PNS-RK-150 Small/Medium 4 - 8 6 - 7
PNS-RK-250 Large/X-Large 8+ 8-12