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HKAFO & KAFO Femoral Fracture Orthosis

HKAFO & KAFO Femoral Fracture Orthosis

Maramedís custom fabricated femoral fracture orthoses are available in various configurations to effectively match the indications of your patient. The standard thigh component insures sufficient medial/lateral soft tissue compression while maintaining proper joint alignment as the soft tissue atrophies. The tibia component allows anterior posterior compression. The hip, thigh, hip & knee joint, tibia and heel cup components of the orthosis can be selected from the different styles shown on the following page. An orthometry diagram is included to assist with obtaining the proper measurements for ordering.

Suggested L-Code: L2128


Tibial plateau fractures
Proximal tibial fractures
Distal and mid shaft femoral fractures
Adjunct to limited ORIF of interarticular fractures with proximal tibial fractures
Adjunct to internal fixation such as unreamed intermedullary nails
Post healing of soft tissue in external fixation