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Modification Procedures

All products manufactured by Maramed Orthopedic Systems can be modified using the techniques outlined below. Tools and equipment described in this section enable you to modify your Maramed products quickly and effectively.

Trim lines

All products fabricated from polyethylene can be trimmed quite easily with a pair of cast scissors (styrene splints and polypropylene will require sanding and smoothing with a disc sander, rotary sander or equivalent).

Trim Line Modification Steps

  1. Fit the patient with the orthosis.
  2. Mark the desired trim line.
  3. Remove the orthosis then cut along the line drawn.
  4. Smooth the edge to eliminate any sharp protrusions. The edge can be smoothed by carefully sanding the surface with sand paper or briefly exposing it to an open flame such as a lighter. Normally, there is no need to smooth the edge where the foam is adhered.

Heating and Relieving

At times patients exhibit large bony prominences, swelling or open sores that may require relief from the pressure a brace may apply. This can be accomplished by heating the brace then altering the shape. Never heat the device while the patient is wearing it. Maramed’s plastics are all high temperature plastics and require temperatures between 250° - 375° Fahrenheit before modification can take place.

Required materials

  • Heat source (Leister gun, heat gun or equivalent)
  • Water

Suggested tools:


  1. Mark the area requiring modification.
  2. Apply heat source to the marked region. (If the device is foam lined, always heat on the plastic side only. Never apply the heat directly to the foam.)
  3. Watch for a change in the plastic. The surface will become shiny, clear and flexible. Once these changes have occurred, the plastic will have reached its forming temperature. (Note: styrene will not become clear due to pigment added to the resin. It will simply exhibit an increased shine and will have a rubbery texture.)
  4. Remove heat source from device.
  5. Alter the shape of the device as desired. We recommend using Maramed’s epoxy adjustment mandrels to apply pressure against the plastic surface to change the shape of the brace as required.
  6. Once the desired shape is achieved, place under cool water to "freeze" the plastic in place.
  7. Once the plastic is sufficiently cooled, verify proper fit on patient.
  8. Repeat the process as needed until the proper shape has been achieved. Be careful not to overheat or overstretch the material, as it will result in deterioration or excess thinning of the material.

If you have any questions concerning the techniques for modifying your Maramed brace or would like to see more specific literature, please call our Customer Service.