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Ulna Fracture Brace S-Series

Ulna Fracture Brace S-Series

Overlapping volar and dorsal shells allow for ease of adjustment, accommodating for volumetric changes of soft tissue associated with fracture healing. Eliminates the need for serial casting. Incorporation of an interosseous groove helps to separate the radius and ulna aiding stabilization. Flared edges are incorporated at the distal end of the brace providing superior comfort throughout active range of motion. Design allows for early return to function. Fitting instructions detailing UFB fitting and hygiene are included with each UFB to help insure patient compliance.
Suggested L-Code: L3982


Treatment of mid shaft and distal ulnar fractures
Post external fixation for healing of soft tissue
Adjunct to internal fixation such as unreamed intermedullary nails

Circumference    Length   
UFB-100L-S Small Left 8 - 10 7
UFB-100R-S Small Right 8 - 10 7
UFB-200L-S Medium Left 10 - 12 8
UFB-200R-S Medium Right 10 - 12 8
UFB-300L-S Large Left 12 - 14 9
UFB-300R-S Large Right 12 - 14 9

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